Understanding online poker

It would be fair to say that card games have existed since the beginning of time. At the very least, it certainly feels like. People have been consistently drawn to it. Although, it wasn’t always because playing cards were this high octane, thrill ride. In the beginning, it because setting up a card game was simple like in the Chinese ‘leaf game’ or Euchre. In its very basic form, all you need are cards and people.  You have to remember that in those times, other forms of entertainment like video games, movies, social media didn’t exist. People were left to their own devices more than ever, and while there is an unprecedented amount of freedom in there, conversely, there’s an unprecedented amount of freedom in that. And as we all know but don’t want to admit, eventually, freedom and boredom go hand in hand. People needed something to indulge in and thus they invented card games and now you have online sbobet casino.

More about it

In the beginning, people were satisfied with simple card games. But even the sweetest fruit tastes bland after a hundred tries. Human beings have been cursed with intellect and critical thinking and with that critical thinking, comes a fickleness that is not easy to satisfy. Card games were too simple, and humans were too complex. People needed to reinvent it and because of that intellect, this time it’s a gift, we succeeded. Another thing that existed since the beginning of time was betting on things, so we simply put two and two together. It’s remarkable how easy it was, maybe that’s why it took us some time. Everyone is burdened with complexity. And through a little bit of further tweaking and fine-tuning, someone came up with online poker.

Goes without saying that poker took the world by storm. It still does. The thrill of putting something on the line to gain something more is enough to entice just about anyone. It’s almost mind-boggling enough that a piece paper that’s heavy on GSM count holds so much power over a being of flesh and blood. But that power is what attracts people to it. Victory just feels too real to ignore. That feeling of being so close to the light is strong enough for the prospect of losing to fade away and get banished to the desolate places of the mind.  Then came movies, which have always had a friendly relationship with the game. Poker is often used as a device in movies, always represented as this game of allure where with a little bit of luck and panache and man’s standing in life could change. Of course, you cannot talk about poker without James Bond. James Bond took the poker and stripped away all the griminess from it and injected it with 50cc’s of pure, unadulterated, unhinged class. We almost instinctively think about hustling pompous people out of their minds, stealing their beautiful women and smiling at them while we do it while we wear a suit we could maybe rent if we saved up every penny we’ve earned throughout our lifetime when online poker comes to mind. That is just James Bond in a nutshell.

Poker feeds into our desire to be that person who outwitted all the others and walked out with everything, is the definition of suave. And no matter how much people talk about vanity and Buddhist ideals of being at peace and letting go of attachment and avarice, can you really say with your poker face, that winning big and looking as cool as a cucumber while doing it isn’t something worth fighting for?